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My first recommendation is Cali plug 420 these are local online sellers shipping from a warehouse located in California but you don’t have to worry about delivery because they’re professionals and know how to handle your package safely. before you order for weed online there are series of factors you’ll have to consider and this factors are first the how your package is delivered, which documents are needed to order from a specific dispensary, the quality of their products and much more i pick this two companies because they score a 100% on the factors i just listed and I’m going to show you how

1. Requirements: to order from cali plug 420 no medical marijuana card is needed and this makes them different from other online dispensary, since they’ll issue a certified dent for free alongside your package if you are ordering from states where weed is still illegal.

2. Discreet Delivery: All orders from Cali plug 420 are delivered discreetly no matter where you are ordering from your package is vacuum sealed and bubble wrapped for maximum discretion and this makes your package costume free and safe.

3. World Wide Shipping: Cali plug 420 receives order from all states in the united states part of Europe and other countries in the world so no matter where you are located buying weed from this guys is very simple

4. Discount: This is the best weed shipping plug when it comes to discount especially for those with tight budget and low income for your first order with cali plug 420 you’ll receive your package alongside a free half ounce or a free seven grams depending on the quantity you ordered for. For old clients you can ask for a coupon code each time you want to order and be rest assured you’ll get a coupon code with at least 15 to 25 dollars discount depending on the quantity you want to order and the type of weed strain.

5. High Quality Products: If you order from the 420 plug maker then your sure to get the best quality of products ever I’ve been smoking weed for 15 years now but most of my purchases i made from other dispensaries online i end up getting garbage or being scam but this guys changed the game and trust me you won’t find the quality of their products else where in the internet.

6. High THC Products: Unlike getting thc free or only cbd from your local store Cali plug 420 sells only products with very high THC and this products can be delivered in any states without you getting to worry about medical marijuana card or the costumes intercepting your package.

7. Varieties Of Strains: You get varieties of strains from Cali plug 420 and your free to make your choice for the strain you want you can also mixed and match any four different strains of your choice to get the quantity you’ll like to purchase.

8. Express Shipping: If your in a hurry to get your package as soon as you ordered then this guys are ready to provide you that service on like other dispensaries that deliveries where deliveries takes tones of years to arrive. their express shipping cost just an extra 15 bucks and this will take 24 to 48hours for you weed to be delivered to your door step.

9. Good Customer Service: You won’t have to worry about any difficulties you get from the website of this guys because their 24/7 customer support is always ready to help you, All customer service are humble and polite to every clients.

10. Money Back Guarantee : You don’t have to worry about the quality of their products because your going to be happy and satisfied with the quality but incase your package gets missing or stolen in transit your going to get all your full amount back including your bank charges or you get the same product and quantity you ordered as soon as missing package is reported


If your looking for good quality cannabis and in a hurry to smoke some weed then the best place you can order for weed is cali plug 420 or The 420 plug maker. Cali plug 420 will process and ship your order within 24 hours you can visit them via the link below or you can also visit in case you need good quality weed but you’ll have to wait for a few days for your package to be delivered by

cali plug 420

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