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Rainbow Chip strain is a derivative of Mint Chocolate Chip mixed with Sunset Sherbet and a very popular strain by Exotic Genetix. This weed strain was part of the company’s Mint Chocolate Chip line-up of 2018.

By combining the sweet Sunset Sherbert with the rich terpene concentration of Mint Chocolate Chip, the company has manufactured a potent, long-lasting smoke. This type of weed is 100% Sativa, named for its vibrant appearance and fruity, delicious flavor.

It tastes like chocolate mixed with sour citrus and minty herbs. Its aroma is sweet, fruity, and also resembles the aroma of chocolates.

When consumed, The Rainbow Chip weed fills up the mind with a heavy effect that spreads throughout the body, motivating the consumer and providing a boost of energy and euphoria. It’s ideal for use in the evenings while chilling with friends, or during daytime when one needs a creative boost.

The long-lasting effects are a result of 21% to 24% THC level which is fairly high, as well as a CBD between 0.54% and 0.8%. It is used recreationally, as well as by patients who suffer from different stress disorders, depression, ADHD, or chronic fatigue.

If cultivated indoors, the plant needs a flowering period of around 60 days and a moderate growing approach in terms of difficulty.


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