Og Kush Strain

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Og kush strain is an incredible strain with a name that has acknowledgment even outside of the cannabis world. In spite of its acclaim, however, its careful beginnings remain a secret.

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Og kush strain is an unbelievable strain with a name that has acknowledgment even outside of the cannabis world. Notwithstanding its popularity, however, its definite birthplaces remain a secret. Some case that it’s a combination of staple Chem dawg and a tough Hindu Kush landrace. It’s additionally conceivable that og kush rose up out of undocumented pack seed as an unmistakable aggregate of some other existing strain. The importance of its name is likewise questioned – the “OG” has been then again said to mean: “unique criminal,” hinting its status as an old fashioned structure block strain; “sea developed,” regarding its cause along the California coast; and even “cali plug,” a now-dead site that filled in as an asset for endless cannabis producers.

Og Kush THC

One thing that is not disputable is OG Kush’s strength – its THC piece has been reliably estimated at somewhere in the range of 20% and 25%.

Og kush has medium to huge chunk like buds that have a thick, indica-like design. The leaves are yellowish green, albeit certain aggregates can show hints of purple; the last tone is the aftereffect of anthocyanin colors being actuated by chilly climate. Dynamic orange pistils, intended to get dust from preparing male plants, contrast these brilliant blossoms.

How does the strain looks like

The buds are canvassed in trichomes that loan them a brilliant white appearance and make them tacky to the touch – when preparing buds for a joint or a line, clients might need to utilize a processor. At the point when appropriately relieved, the buds have a hearty, stale smelling fragrance that is emphasized by some citrusy splendor: the general impression is of a hoppy specialty brew. Consuming or tearing open the buds offers all the more a pine-like smell.

how does it smokes

Smoke from OG Kush is regularly unforgiving and hack inciting; it might sting the sinuses and cause eyes to water. The smoke tastes hashy and fiery like an exemplary indica on the breathe in and breathe out. OG Kush’s sharp funk may wait for some time after a joint has been smothered – those hoping to stay prudent about their smoking should play it safe. You can also check our vape carts

Where to buy Og kush strain

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