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Marathon OG Strain is a considerably potent, hybrid cannabis strain with a THC content of 21-24%. Marathon kush is known for its relaxation and euphoric effects.

It was created especially for the late rapper named Nipsey Hussle. It was created by breeders at The Cure Company and the name was inspired by classic mixtapes produced by this artist.

The high percentage of THC might overwhelm novice consumers. Those who consume the Marathon OG strain can expect a flavor and smell that mix lemon with spice and with earthy undertones.

Also known as Marathon Kush, this weed is a phenotype of OG Kush. When consumed, it packs a fast and heavy high that keeps you going for hours to come. When this effect fades, consumers experience a soothing sensation and couch lock.

Thanks to its soothing and relaxing effects, as well as the high that precedes them, Marathon cannabis is often chosen to help people with chronic fatigue, stress, depression, muscle cramps and spasms, and chronic pain. checkout our chronic carts

Its buds are dense and have many fluffy, big, and minty green nugs. On the nugs, there are many thick orange hairs and a density coating of white trichomes.

With moderate growing difficulty, Marathon og Kush can be grown indoors and outdoors under the right conditions. Growers can expect a mature plant within 7 to 8 weeks.


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