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Lodi Dodi strain is a mysterious, sativa-dominant hybrid with a uniquely sweet flavor and well-balanced, therapeutic high. it has an average THC of 24%

However, Lodi Dodi strain was cross-bred by the Smokey point productions. And It was first grown in Washington. The origin and genetics are closely guarded and not revealed to the world. This plant strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and contains potent levels of THC between 13% to 28%.

The Lodi Dodi weed gives out strong chemical notes that are similar to the smell of diesel. This is accompanied by the tropical smell of pineapples, melons and floral fragrances, with hints of pine. Once it is exhaled, the user gets a skunky diesel-like tang with honey undertones. The effects of the Lodi Вodi strain are felt immediately and hit the strongest around the head, eyes and temples. The user is able to think with clarity and in a creative, analytical way. They become easygoing and strike up free-flowing conversations with friends, companions and even complete strangers. Lodi Dodi weed makes the smoker relaxed, happy, relieved and uplifted. The powerful effects of the strain have been known to work wonders on people suffering from ADHD, depression, tiredness, fatigue, anxiety disorders. It is one of the best stress busters and pain relievers.

The versatility of this strain makes it excellent for use at all times of the day. However, it should be consumed in moderation to prevent couchlock. Lodi Dodi strain grows well only in semi-humid environments and in ideal temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It needs to be pruned and trimmed regularly to maintain the height for indoor growing.


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